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1 . Can I try out a package without subscribing LMS?

Ans. If you want to have a glimpse of our LMS, just Login and see and even use some features absolutely free.


2 . How secure is the payment that I make through your website?

Ans. Our payment mode is flexible and safe if you are paying through Debit/Credit card. Even if you are not sure you can opt for other options like Money Card/DD/Cheque.


3 . How do I get the content after I have made payment?

Ans. Once you have made payment for any of the packages, a unique registration code and password will be made available to you through which you can get unlimited access to your package.


4 . How do I obtain a subscription?

Ans. Subscription can be obtained once you make payment. After that you have to register yourself. Also check catalogue section for more details.


5 . Can I cancel my subscription?

Ans. Once you have purchased any of the packages, you cannot cancel your subscription.


Registration & Login

1 . Why should I join paathshalamasti?

Ans. paathshalamasti is the first educational portal based on the true sense of CCE. We have made sure not to miss any of the scholastic or co-scholastic fields as prescribed by CBSE. Once you buy it, your FAQs will no more be of FAQs.


2 . I am not a student! Can I still register at paathshalamasti?

Ans. Of course! You can register yourself.


3 . Can I change my password?

Ans. Yes


4 . How to use paathshalamasti in a secure manner?

Ans. Do not reveal your registration code and password to anyone else and make sure you make online payment under supervision of elders.


5 . Do I pay for Demo registration?

Ans. No, its absolutely free.



1 . What is a Profile?

Ans. Profile means details about you which helps us maintain your records and will be kept secret also if you want.


2 . How can I create my profile?

Ans. Just fill the registration form.


3 . Can I have my own screen name?

Ans. Yes, whatever username you will fill in the Registration form it will appear on your screen.


4 . How to update my account details?

Ans. You can easily update most of your account information in My Profile. To update your account information, click the My Profile tab. From this page, you can manage your : Personal information, contact information, password, address.


5 . How can I refer my friend?

Ans. Under my profile the student 'invite friends' in which he/she can type the email id then invitation mail will be sent. you are also invite tour friends through twitter / Facebook.


Technical FAQs & Installation

1 . Does paathshalamasti work on all browsers and operating systems?

Ans. System’s Requirements:
Processor: Pentium 4
Ram: 512 MB
Internet speed: 512 Kbps
Operating system: Windows XP
Screen resolution: 1024 × 768
Sound Card: Any
IE 8 and above
Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above
Google Chrome

2 . What are the minimum system requirements for running paathshalamasti?

Ans. System’s Requirements:
Processor: Pentium 4
Ram: 512 MB
Internet speed: 512 Kbps
Operating system: Windows XP
Screen resolution: 1024 × 768
Sound Card: Any
IE 8 and above
Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and above
Google Chrome
Other Utilities:
PDF reader
Flash Player 10
java download

3 . What is the minimum Internet speed required for running paathshalamasti?

Ans. Internet speed: 512 Kbps


4 . Can I download the animations or content for my future viewing?

Ans. No, you cannot download the content or the animations. Every time you have to log in to view the content.


5 . What all I can download from paathshalamasti?

Ans. Under My Test Papers, you can make ‘n’ number of papers on your own and download your 5 best created papers.



1 . I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Ans. We’ll send you an email telling your new password. On the Forgot your password page, enter your registered email ID, and click the Submit button.


2 . I received a message that scratch card number is not valid. What should I do?

Ans. Make sure you’re typing in the scratch card number correctly or the scratch card is not valid.


3 . I received a message that scratch card number is already used. What does that mean?

Ans. Make sure you’re typing in the scratch card number correctly or if the typed number is correct then in that case the scratch code has already been used by some other user. Please report the issue to the place/shop/bookseller from where the scratch card had been bought. Also send the report to contact@paathshalamasti.com New Card could be Issued.


4 . I received a message that “You are already logged in”. What should I do?

Ans. In this case someone is already logged into the system using your email id and password. System won’t allow concurrent users. So keep your login credentials secret and do not share.


5 . What should I do in case I receive a message that I’ve already registered?

Ans. You or someone who shares your email address has already registered. If you want, you can have your user ID which will be sent to your email address. We require a unique email address for every member.


6 . I didn’t receive an email confirming my registration.

Ans. It’s possible that your inbox is full, or the email was identified as junk mail. Check your junk mail or spam folder.


Course Content

1 . How do I see what all is available in your course content?

Ans. You can see Catalogue page to see all features and sections available.


2 . What are the different sections?

Ans. The whole programme has been divided into different parts.These are :
1. Basic course.
2. Summative Assessment
3. Formative Assessment
4. Adaptive Tests
5. Final Preparation Tests(Summative & Formative)
6. Annual Test
7. Fast Track(Crash Course)


3 . Can I go to any section without completing the lesson?

Ans. You can switch to any section or lesson only if you have purchased it.


4 . What does paathshamasti offer?

Ans. paathshalamasti offers you unlimited access during the subscription period once you have purchased it.



1 . What is Notes?

Ans. Notes is a special tool provided to help you. The basic function of it is while studying our content you can go to notes section and create your own notes which the system will save it for you. You can also highlight particular topics and can bookmark them also which means that the pages important for you will be saved which you can view anytime.


2 . How do I save notes?

Ans. Open Manage my notes. Click on notes and write as much you want to write which will be saved and set according to the date.


3 . Where do I see all the notes I’ve created?

Ans. Under Manage my notes, you will find a section of view my notes. The software will show your created notes sorted according to date.


4 . How do I delete notes?

Ans. Select your notes which you want to delete and press delete.


Grade Book

1 . What is a grade book?

Ans. Grade book is a special tool which keeps the users updated about their performance in our different kinds of tests. It helps the user to know where ‘they stand’ and where ‘they can stand’.


2 . What kinds of reports are available?

Ans. Your performance in all kind of tests will be made available to you in the form of Graphical/Tabular Grade book. In addition to this your overall development can be seen in the Grade book.


3 . What is the benefit of these reports?

Ans. With the help of these reports you can know your weak and strong points topic wise and can work upon them to reach on greater heights.


4 . How is my performance calculated?

Ans. Your performance is calculated on the basis of the tests you have taken throughout the year.


5 . Which subjects you have dealt with in your portal?

Ans. This portal is exactly based on the CCE pattern introduced by CBSE. You will find English Communicative, Mathematics, Science & Social Science for class 10.



1 . What kinds of tests are available?

Ans. Numerous tests are available like offline and online Formative Tests, offline and online Summative Tests, CBSE Pariksha(Board Paper/Annual Test),Proficiency Tests, Aptitude Tests, Adaptive Tests, Admission test.


2 . How do I know the answers?

Ans. In case of online tests ,you will be shown answers there itself. In case of offline tests, answers will be provided to you within a short span of time.


3 . Can I retake a test which I have already taken?

Ans. Once you have taken our test packages, you can attempt them numerous times except a few tests.


4 . Can I mark any question in a test for review?

Ans. Yes, if you find any question important, you can bookmark it.


5 . Can I view previous attempts of the same test?

Ans. Of course, with the help of Grade Book, you can view your performance.



1 . What are the benefits of buying your LMS?

Ans. First of all, this is the first CCE software which is based in its true sense.
Secondly, it is cost-effective.
Thirdly, it provides diagnostic report.
Fourthly, we create communities and expand our circle through you only. What more ? You earn Reward Points for it which can be further used to purchase more features. (See Catalogue Section for more details) you will be kept updated from with all current News /announcement from CBSE/NCERT.


2 . What do I get if any of my friends buys your LMS on my suggestion?

Ans. If any of your friends buys our LMS on your suggestion(term1,term2,jumbo,combo package), you will earn striking 100 points or hundred rupees.


3 . How will I redeem my reward points?

Ans. As and when you earn reward points your account shall be automatically credited with that number of points.


4 . What do I do of reward points if I have taken all your packages?

Ans.  First of all if you purchase all the four subjects at a go, you will get heavy discount.(See Special Offers section for more details).Your benefits don’t stop here. Even if you continue to earn points you will earn a surprise gift at minimum 250 points and at maximum 500 points.


Other Queries

1 . What is free in paathshalamasti?

Ans. You will see that the features which are available absolutely free are worth noting. These are NCERT textbook exercises (completely solved with animations), Exam Tips(including DOS & DON’TS). Apart from this you will be provided with numerous helping tools. These are : Calculator, Conversions, Formulae, Bookmark, Highlighter, Online Dictionary, Digital Library, Web links etc.


2 . Is paathshalamasti updated as per the latest syllabus and pattern prescribed by CBSE?

Ans. paathshalamasti is the first portal which is exactly based on the CCE pattern and syllabus prescribed by CBSE.


3 . Can you give free trial period so that we can try it out and then decide?

Ans. We are giving you a demo of complete LMS throughout the year absolutely free.


4 . Can we post/send our own questions or queries?

Ans. Yes, you can send your queries to us via mail. Answer to your query will be mailed back to you within 72 working hours. What more? The most intelligent query will make you earn 5 points(selection will be made by our authors’ panel).


5 . How is paathshalamasti better than professional coaching classes or home tuitions?

Ans. paathshalamasti gives you comprehensive text material which is equivalent to your tuition notes enhanced with 2D and 3D animations. We prepare you well for your exams to achieve good grades not only in scholastic areas but also in co-scholastic areas. So everything is away from you just at the press of button. Become your own teacher. That's why we say “masti in paathshala has begun”.


6 . Is your portal designed for the students’ community or the teachers’ community?

Ans. paathshalamasti has been designed keeping in mind the present scenario considering the Education Fraternity.


7 . Which subjects you have dealt with in your paathshalamasti?

Ans. We have dealt with the four core subjects – English Communicative, Mathematics, Science & Social Science.


8 . Why have you covered only four subjects?

Ans. Enlive Education has put forward its first step in this field. Very soon we are coming up with more subjects and more classes.


9 . How will I get latest updates?

Ans. You can check our latest updates in Announcement Section. You will also be intimated via mail, sms or any other means of communication once you register yourself with us and become a subscribed user.


10 . What do you mean by Full access users and Point system users ?

Ans. The users who have purchased our complete package irrespective of Term and Subjects, will be termed as Full access users who will have full access to the package(s) purchased.
The users who have purchased our LMS through Point System Module will be termed as Point system users who will have restricted access to the features. Here it is important to note that at the end if Point system users have purchased all the features of all four subjects will also be termed as Full access users.


11 . What are the benefits of both?

Ans. The users who will purchase complete packages will get heavy discount(See Special Offers Section).


12 . What is the validity of your LMS?

Ans. LMS is valid for an academic year. For example, if you have purchased a package on 15 April, 2011, it will expire on 15 April, 2012.


13 . Since this is also the portal of Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.(TOGETHER WITH) will I be getting any discount on their books?

Ans. On purchase of Together With books, you will find a scratch card which will provide you access to some of the features of LMS absolutely free.


14 . How is your portal related with the practice material prepared by Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd.?

Ans. The Practice Material prepared by Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. will act as a supplement.


15 . How can your portal help the students when Board Exams have become optional?

Ans. Although Board Exams have become optional, there is still a great value for grades. Our Educational portal will help students earn good grades and will help in overall development.


16 . What are the modes of payment available if I wish to buy any paathshalamasti access?

Ans. There are varied modes of paym
Online Payment
1. Debit/Credit card
2. Net banking
3. Cash Card
Offline Payment
1. DD/Cheque
Money Card(scratch card)


17 . How soon will my services get activated?

Ans. As soon as you purchase, a confirmation mail is sent to the ID along with the details(online payment). In case of offline payment, this process is done only after clearance of DD/Cheque.


18 . Will my free registration get cancelled after expiry of my paid membership?

Ans. Yes


19 . If I face any problem with regard to the website, who do I contact and how?

Ans. We are available to help you all time. In case of trouble you can mail us at contact@paathshalamasti.com. An immediate action would be taken on account of your problem.


20 . How can I give a feedback about the website?

Ans.  Your comments and feedback are very important to us. Please provide us your valuable suggestions by filling Feedback Form on Home Page of www.paathshalamasti.com.